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 Photography | My Story

I’ve always loved the art of telling a story. As a digital media and film graduate I began my career writing, shooting and directing films and documentaries. I purchased my first DSLR camera for the purpose of shooting video and film. It wasn’t until the DSLR Movement that my love for photography began to flourish.

I quickly learned that telling a story with photos, in a sense, can be the same as film. Even without words the story within each photo can be left to the complete interpretation of those that view the image. While I still love to create moving pictures and write stories that will inspire. Photography creates a certain freedom from scripts and words. Photography creates a space in which the art is dominated by the still image. To my surprise more then anything my passion for photography has now become my source to express myself artistically. I feel so honored each time a client chooses our company to tell their story.

Photography | My Style

Our studio offers the most professional photography money can buy.  You will never have to choose between your love of artistic images, and the freedom of a photo-journalistic style. We specialize in a fusion of Fine Art Photography, Fashion and photojournalism . Each package is complete with 2 photographers. Both love photography, and are masters in the skills of photojournalism, and producing fine art images. We are committed to complementing your unique style as a couple, by capturing each moment with elegance, creativity and professionalism.




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