Tips: Preparing for an engagement session

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  Spring weather seems to have finally arrived.  Many couples are starting to plan for their engagement session. The concerns for most couples are the same, You want to look Good, in Love and have Fun while doing it. So I’ve come up with some helpful Tips to help you prepare.
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Location. Why isn’t wardrobe number 1 on the list you ask. Allow me to explain, the shooting location will usually dictate your wardrobe. that’s way its important to select your locations first. for example, If you’ve chosen to shoot at the beach then your not going to wear formal attire with high heels. Instead, you might select a simple sun dress and sandals or go bare foot during your session. Now that we have that covered lets discuss the importance of your location. y’all want to select a place that is meaningful for you and that you will feel relaxed in. For example the place that he proposed or the park that you always go to together. If the thought of onlookers during your session horrifies you, look for a place more secluded and not as busy as a downtown plaza.
Chris and I love when couples already have a place in mind, but some couples would feel more comfortable with their photographers choosing the location. If that’s you, be open and honest about your personality and the things you do and don’t like. Some popular shooting places for engagement sessions are City parks, orchards, downtown plaza’s, Botanical gardens etc. Ask yourself “What are your favorite places to go together”
Wardrobe. Ladies I can’t stress this enough. Get your hair and Make up done!!!!!! Ok, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, We can proceed. I also don’t think its a good day for wedding day trails, you don’t want your look to be the same during your engagement session as on your wedding day. If your not a girly girl and hate the thought of getting your make up and hair done. No worries, I say this with love. Do it anyways, TRUST ME. Just ask the professional to give you more of a natural look. You want to be the best version of yourself and a professional can help enhance your natural beauty and features.
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As far as outfits. For our sessions we always do 2 looks (outfit changes) I always suggest one dressy look and something more playful and casual. Its soo important to be yourself. if your not a glamorous dressing couple please don’t try to portray that in your photo’s . The images won’t be believable and you won’t feel comfortable.  If your a laid back couple rock a pair of jeans and flip flops. If you love to dress up and go out for a night on the town then by all means get glammed up. The rule of thumb for your engagement session is dress the way you would for a date night. Just be sure to look coordinated together. Guys, avoid shirts with huge logo’s or lettering unless the shirt has meaning to you, or goes with a theme. Ladies, Solid colors work best, Its not a good day to rock tribal prints or zigzag patterns.
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Themes. I love when a couple plans a theme for their session it really livens up the shoot. Some examples are s’mores in the backyard, camping, picnics or laundry together. If you prefer to keep it simple, the use of props are always fun to include during an engagement session. Items like Signs, scrabble pieces or flower baskets make for fantastic props. Pinterest is a great place for research.
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I’ve saved the most important question for last.
” I’m not photogenic, we aren’t professional models, How the heck do we pose. Will we look in love?”
My Answer is always the same. Trust your photographer. You’ve picked us to document your session for a reason. We will handle the posing to make sure you look incredible, In love and happy.  I only ask that couples come prepared to have a great time.
I hope this helps guys, If there’s any questions I haven’t answered be sure to ask below.