Fall Weddin photography-Tips to enahance your fall wedding day photography

Fall wedding photographyFall wedding photography -Tips to enhance your fall wedding day

Simple tips to enhance your fall wedding photography

 Fall wedding photographyFall is a beautiful time of year. The colors and moderate weather conditions serve as an ideal backdrop for your wedding day.  Here are some Fall Wedding tips to keep in mind for your wedding day photography.

Fall wedding photography

Location, Location, Location

  Your Fall wedding photography should help you relive the memories of your special day. Picking a perfect location that reflects the true ambiance of the season is key. The fall wedding photography season offers an advantage due to most venues availability, beginning to open up later in the season. Selecting a location with a view of the beautiful colors of the changing foliage is important. Consider a vibrant apple orchard, Rustic/romantic barn or an country inn secluded by the mature golds and reds that celebrate the season.

Detail shots are in the decor.

  While creating your fantastic Wedding album, You’ll be surprised what a big part your decor plays on your wedding day photography. After some surface research many florist and planners report seasonal flowers such as Mums, poppies, Ring of fire sunflowers and my personal fall favorite the bi-color yellow and red dahlia are some of the most popular wedding plants used. Don’t under estimate the texture that grasses ,grains and wheat’s can add to your photos.

  The moderate fall temperature is a clear advantage to your wedding day photography. As if your not nervous enough you’ll have no worries of sweat stains or melting or smudging make up because of intense heat. The big worry of squinty eye’s in your photo’s virtually evaporates.


Whether you choose a traditional  fall wedding or reciting your nuptials to a Halloween themed scene. The colors and textures of the Autumn season will be sure to add to your Fall wedding photography.

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