Michigan Wedding photographer – A fashion photographers guide to posing on your wedding day.

Michigan Wedding photographer:

Looking naturally beautiful and stunning on your wedding day is every brides goal.


With all of my brides the engagement/bridal shoot becomes a training session. The following tips are what I teach to enhance each session and help prepare for the big day. This guide will help you become confident and ensure every photo comes out just the way you’ve been dreaming about. Take careful consideration when hiring your Michigan Wedding photographer he/she should be able to help teach you posing techniques


Michigan Wedding photographerMichigan Wedding photographer: Don’t be afraid to Bend your body.

Its all about the Angles!!!! Create triangles with your arms . Great angles add interest to the photograph. Try bending your arm outward and placing your hand on your shoulder or Hip. Creating triangles can help add seemingly effortless form to your photos.


Michigan Wedding photographer: Sassy hips

Popping your hip slightly away from the camera helps to add drama to the photo. Sassy hips are also a great and simple way to slim the body. Michigan Wedding photographer




More Tips from Michigan Wedding photographer

Remember the law’s of gravity …. If you don’t like it don’t flaunt it.

  Avoid the appearance of chin or neck fat by Tilting your chin upwards. A slight tilt will get rid of those distracting wrinkles and folds. Elongating the neck will create an appearance of smooth tight skin.

Michigan Wedding photographerMichigan Wedding photographer: A warm and friendly smile. (smile with your eyes) 

Enhance your smile by engaging your eyes . Just a little squint of your eyes will add flare to each photo, particularly in close up photos. keep smiles and eyes soft and confident.


Michigan Wedding photographer: Whats your best Side?

This has always been one of the first questions I ask my brides at their engagement training session. Knowing your best side is important for any successful shoot. Your photographer should be able to help you with this.  Keep in mind the goal is to celebrate the features on your body that your most proud of.






Michigan Wedding photographerMichigan Wedding photographer:The Look away.

Looking downwards or off into the horizon is a great way to create a thoughtful , Serene or dramatic portrait.


Michigan Wedding photographer:Remember practice make’s perfect

Practice techniques in front of a mirror or have a friend take your pictures with a simple point and shoot camera.

Try happy, flirty and shy looks. This is a sure fire way to build your confidence in front of the camera and ensure your wedding day photos come out perfect 🙂


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